A Safety Notice

The Parish, the School Principals, the Boards of Management and the Parents’ Association are extremely concerned for the safety of you and your children in the Church Car Park. While most parents are courteous and comply with the parking system that has been in place for a number of years, a minority has made the situation very dangerous. In the interest of all our children please abide by the following.
Cars can be parked on either side of the car park. One line only of cars can be parked in the centre. Cars should not be parked in front or behind the cars parked in the centre line. This restricts the flow of traffic and makes it extremely dangerous for pedestrians entering the school. Smaller School children and toddlers are not always visible behind a car. We would also like to remind parents that the disabled car parking place is for the use of permit holders only.

There is a one way system in operation in the Car Park. On entry keep left of the centre line, and up the opposite side towards the exit.No car should park at the entrance blocking the path; this is against the law.
We would also like to remind parents of the voluntary one-way system around the School. The one-way system operates as follows, You are requested to drive from the Church down Forest Park and out onto the Rathingle Road via Forest View. You are requested NOT to drive down Forest Park towards the Church. Cars are not permitted to enter the Forest Dale Road, the entrance nearest the shopping centre. This is an exit only point. This only applies at school opening and closing times and signs have been put in place to this effect.

The one-way system was set in conjunction with The Road Safety Officer in Fingal Co. Council for the safety of all our Children.The yellow zigzag lines and single yellow lines outside the school are there for safely reasons. Please do not park on them as it is an offence to do so. It is also extremely dangerous as you are obstruction the view of the Lollipop Lady at the Forest Park entrance and of other drivers who can not see Children crossing, Please do not block assess to peoples driveways or to paths. Parents and Guardians are also asked not to park on corners or on the ramps. School Wardens are provided at the four main crossing points to the school. Children should be reminded to use the designated school crossings at all times.These rules are for the protection of all our children. Common courtesy should apply and would make it safer for all. These rules apply to all, we do not want to see any child injured.