School Holidays for 2022 – 2023

Summer Holidays: Close at 11:50am on Thursday 30th June 2022

School will reopen on Wednesday 31st August 2022
Midterm: Monday 31st October until Friday 4th November 2022
Christmas: Close at 11:50am on Wednesday 21st December 2022 and reopen on Thursday 5th January 2023
February Bank Holiday: Monday 6th February 2023
Midterm: Monday 13th February until Friday 17th February 2023
St. Patrick’s Day: Friday 17th March 2023
Easter: Close at 11:50am on Friday 31st March and reopen on Monday 17th April 2023
May Bank Holiday: Monday 1st May 2023
June Bank Holiday: Monday 5th until Wednesday 7th June 2023
Summer Holidays: Close at 11:50am 30th June 2023