The aim of this Acceptable Usage Policy (also referred to below as “AUP”) is to ensure that pupils will benefit from learning opportunities offered by the school’s Internet resources in a safe and effective manner.
Internet use and access is considered a school resource and privilege. Therefore, if the AUP is not adhered to, this privilege may be withdrawn and appropriate sanctions – as outlined in the AUP – may be imposed. All those who wish to make use of this resource must read the AUP carefully to ensure that all the conditions therein are understood and accepted, and sign a printed copy of it to certify this.
The AUP was created on December 19th 2002, and is to be revised annually by school and parent representatives.

School’s Strategy:
The school will employ a number of strategies in order to maximise learning opportunities and reduce risks associated with the Internet. These strategies are, as follows:

  • Internet sessions will always be supervised by a teacher
  • Filtering software and/or equivalent systems will be used in order to minimise the risk of exposure to inappropriate material
  • The school will regularly monitor pupils’ Internet usage
  • Students and teachers will be provided with training in the area of Internet safety
  • Uploading and downloading of non-approved software will not be permitted
  • Virus protection software will be used and updated on a regular basis
  • The use of personal floppy disks, CD-ROMs, USB keys, memory cards and other storage devices or media requires a teacher’s permission
  • Students will observe good “netiquette” (i.e.: etiquette on the Internet) at all times and will not undertake any actions while using the Internet that may bring the school into disrepute

World Wide Web:

  • Students will not visit Internet sites that contain obscene, illegal, hateful or otherwise objectionable materials
  • Students will use the Internet for educational purposes only
  • Students will be familiar with copyright issues related to online learning
  • Students will never disclose or publicise personal information
  • Students will be aware that any usage, including distributing or receiving information, school-related or personal, may be monitored for unusual activity, security and/or network management reasons


  • Students will use approved class email accounts under supervision by or permission from a teacher
  • Students will not send or receive any material that is illegal, obscene or defamatory

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