All reasonable precautions are taken to keep and maintain the school building, school equipment, the playing area and other areas of the school site in such a condition that it does not create a hazard likely to cause injury to pupils, teachers or other persons.
School policy and procedure endeavours to provide effective and adequate supervision of pupils at all times during school hours.
Games or activities which are deemed to place pupils at any risk of injury are not allowed.
All employees are encouraged to think ‘Safety First’ in all school-based activities.
Where an accident does happen and when the supervising teacher deems it necessary, the details are recorded in an accident book. The details include: date, time, nature and location of the accident, what action was taken afterwards and who witnessed the accident. (See also: Supervision policy).
In the event of a serious accident, more detailed accounts are recorded.
All children in the school are covered by 24 hour accidental injury insurance. Under this insurance, injured children may attend the VHI SwiftCare Clinic in Airside. Parents/Guardians must pay the required fee up-front, but may claim back all legitimate expenses from the insurance company by filling out the required claim form and having same witnessed and signed by the school authorities.
Where a child is injured in an accident, the parent/guardian is informed immediately. In an emergency situation, where it is not possible to make contact with a parent/guardian, qualified medical treatment should be sought at the earliest opportunity.

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