This policy on Data Protection, Access and Record Retention was formulated by Staff and the Board of Management in order to identify the records required to be retained by the school and to ensure confidentiality and manageable procedures in relation to the access to such records by parents and stake-holders.

  • A policy on Data Protection and record keeping is necessary to ensure that the school has proper procedures in place in relation to accountability and transparency
  • It is good practice to record pupil progress, so as to identify learning needs
  • A policy must be put in place to ensure a school complies with legislation such as:
    1. Education Act, Section 9(g) – requiring a school to provide access to records to students over 18/parents/guardians.
    2. Education Welfare Act – requiring a school to report school attendance and transfer of pupils
    3. Data Protection Acts 1988 – 2003

Relationship to School Ethos
Holy Family SNS promotes openness and co-operation between staff, parents and pupils as a means towards providing the caring environment through which a child can develop and grow to full potential.

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