The school operates an open door policy in relation to home-school links. Contact with parents is not only welcomed but encouraged.
The Principal and staff will try, where at all possible, to be available to meet parents when required, but would ask that, where feasible, parents/guardians would request the meeting by contacting the school secretary so that a mutually acceptable time for the meeting can be arranged.
The following measures endeavour to develop and ensure dynamic and supportive links between school and home:

  1. Regular newsletters – at least one per term
  2. The school web site
  3. Yearly calendar
  4. Homwork notebook and notes to parents
  5. Parent-Teacher Meetings
  6. Pupils’ School Reports
  7. Phone calls – where necessary
  8. Religious ceremonies (e.g.: Confirmation, Ceremony of Light, Ceremony of Commitment, etc.)
  9. Liturgical ceremonies (e.g.: Christmas Carol Service, Nativity Plays, etc.)
  10. Meetings involving parents
  11. School concerts, socials, prize-givings, etc.
  12. Sports day
  13. Football matches and Athletics meetings
  14. School Tours
  15. Book Fair
  16. Fundraisers (e.g.: Easter Eggstravaganza, Christmas Cards, etc.)
  17. School Completion Family Therapy and Counselling Service available
  18. Rainbows Programme: after school programme involving a combination of trained parents and teachers who engage with pupils who have experienced loss
  19. On occasion, parents have been recruited to assist with school projects (e.g.: enhancement of school grounds)
  20. Availability of school favilities for local parent group activities (e.g.: Parents’ Association meetings)
  21. Parents’ Association activities
  22. Parents’ Association link/information on school web site

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