Homework is an integral link in the chain of communication between school and home. Parents can monitor the progress of their children through continual reference to Homework diaries and liaison with teachers. The Homework policy of Holy Family Senior National School has been formulated by staff with parental input and endorsed by the Board of Management.
This policy arises from the need to formulate a whole school policy on homework and with a view to:

  1. Further strengthening of home-school links
  2. Reinforcing the learning experienced by the child during the school day
  3. Ensuring clarity as to the recommended time to be spent on homework

Relationship to School Ethos
It is the policy of the school to, as far as is possible, identify all the needs of the pupil and put in place measures to adequately cater for their needs. The school also encourages the active involvement of parents in enabling their child to take responsibility and work independently. The Homework policy facilitates these ideals.
Aims and Objectives
The primary objectives of the policy are :-

  1. To consolidate learning through reinforcement of class work
  2. To enable the children to develop a sense of responsibility and independence
  3. To enhance self-esteem through the provision of a work menu that is age appropriate
  4. To foster self-discipline and study skills
  5. To promote consistency and a uniform approach to homework across all classes
  6. To further develop links between home and school, to improve the important skills of literacty and numeracy through homework assignments

Why give homework?

  1. To reinforce what the child learns during the day
  2. To provide a link between teacher and parent
  3. To develop a child’s concentration skills and develop a work ethic
  4. Homework is meant to be achievable by a child – i.e.: it provides an opportunity to practise work already done. It is normally prepared by the teacher in class. However, sometimes with senior classes, some homework is designed to challenge childrens’ ability and provide opportunities for creativity
  5. Children are expected to do their homework to the best of their individual ability
  6. A homework routine, developed in the primary school, will be a useful asset to pupils when they transfer to secondary school

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