This policy was the product of whole-staff collaboration in tandem with the Board of Management of the school. In-School Management has been in operation in Holy Family SNS since 2008 and the duties were last revised in 2013.
As the school has expanded, so have the duties associated with a developing school and procedures have had to be put in place to distribute leadership, share the workload and give a sense of ownership to staff. This is done through communication and delegation. As far as is possible, it is proposed to match the responsibilities of the posts to the central tasks of the school.
At present, the embargo on the filling and re-filling of posts of responsibility in schools, as a result of Government cutbacks, has severely limited the number of sanctioned posts of responsibility in the school, and many of these additional responsibilities are being assumed by individual teachers on an unpaid/voluntary basis.
We are extremely indebted to these teachers for their commitment to the school and the pupils in this regard, but realise that we cannot expect this level of additional work to be maintained indefinitely, should the Department of Education and Science continue with this short-sighted and extremely limiting & disruptive policy, which severely limits the ability of schools to be managed effectively.

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