Parent-Teacher meetings are one of a number of measures which help to develop and ensure dynamic and supportive links between school and home. The school’s policy on these meetings is, as follows:

  1. Annual Parent-Teacher meetings are held each year during the months of November / December, where practicable, in accordance with Circular 14/04.
  2. Parents/guardians are given an appointment time for each child a week in advance. They will be given a full assessment of progress up to this point in the year. Their child’s school report will issue in June of the following year.
  3. Where a pupil is receiving Learning Support or Resource teaching, we recognise that the frequency of meetings may increase and may involve a number of teachers.
  4. Where necessary, teachers are available to meet parents by appointment during the school year, at the parent’s request.
  5. Where a teacher feels that an extra meeting with the parent is merited, they will contact the parent directly to arrange a mutually suitable time for such a meeting.
  6. In circumstances where the duration of the meeting during school hours becomes excessive, the teacher may request – in order to minimise disruption to the class – that the meeting be continued at a more appropriate time, preferably outside school hours.
  7. Where the tone or atmosphere of a meeting deteriorates, the teacher should request that it continue in the presence of the Principal.
  8. Where a meeting is held outside of school hours, the teacher should inform the Principal, the Deputy Principal or another teacher that the meeting is taking place.
  9. Where a teacher believes that the matter for discussion is of sufficient gravity or importance, they may request that the Principal be present at the meeting.

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