Holy Family SNS is a co-educational Catholic school under the patronage of the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin, and within the parish of River Valley, Swords.
Each teacher in Holy Family SNS will endeavour to promote and teach a philosophy of life inspired by belief in God and in Jesus Christ. The policies and practises of the school are inspired by Gospel values.
While promoting Catholic and Christian beliefs and philosophies, we will be respectful, tolerant and appreciative of the religious beliefs, or otherwise, of all of our pupils.
Catholic Ethos
The Catholic ethos of the school will permeate in the delivery of the Curriculum as laid down by the Department of Education and Science.
Religious Education
Religious Education encourages the child to develop spiritual and moral values and to acquire knowledge of God. Thirty minutes each day will be allocated to Religious Education.
Each class teacher is provided with an Alive-O kit and a class set of Alive-O posters. There is a class set of C.E.V. (Contemporary English Version) Bibles available as well as sets of St. Luke’s Gospel.
Children will be taught the prayers, songs and hymns as appropriate to each Alive-O programme. Morning and evening prayers will be said in the school in each class. Christmas carols will be taught.
Children in Holy Family SNS will be prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Confirmation in conjunction with the local parish.
Classes are also encouraged to set up a sacred space in their rooms.

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