The following is the policy of Holy Family SNS on School Tours:

  1. School Tours are organised to provide both educational and recreational experiences for the children.
  2. School Tours may be organised for an individual class or a group of classes by a teacher or a group of teachers.
  3. A school tour folder containing brochures for suitable venues for tours is kept in the staff room and fresh options are included as we receive them.
  4. School Tours generally take place in the summer term, but can happen throughout the year. Visits to the National Concert Hall, etc. take place at other times.
  5. Parents/guardians are informed of the destination, itinerary, costing, clothing & food requirements in advance of tours.
  6. A signed consent form permitting the pupil to go on the tour must be submitted by the parent to the class teacher along with any relevant medical information.
  7. Where a child has a medical condition, parent/guardian and emergency contact telephone numbers must be submitted to the class teacher. Where a pupil’s medical condition is of such a nature that it is likely to impact on the child’s health and safety during the tour, the teacher may – following consultation with the Principal and parent – decide that the prudent course may be for the pupil not to participate on the tour. Every effort will be made to ensure that the principle of inclusivity, which the school espouses, will be observed.
  8. Pupils’ behaviour on tours is expected to comply with the standard set down in the School’s Code of Behaviour. Where it is felt that a child’s conduct would pose a safety risk or inhibit the educational benefit for other children, the school may refuse the child permission to travel. Parents/guardians will be advised of this in advance.
  9. A template formulated to include information regarding date, destination and transport will be submitted to the Principal or Deputy Principal prior to embarkation. The template will also include information regarding teacher contact numbers, SNAs included on the tour, and reminders to teachers in relation to necessary supports (e.g.: first aid kit, childrens’ sun creams, suitable clothing, etc.)

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