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The following is a collection of photographs giving you an insight into what we do as well as some general information relevant to both classes.
Reading Class 1 - View 1
Set Up: Presently both classes have a ratio of 9:1 (9 pupils to 1 class teacher) which is excellent! This means all children have the chance to flourish while working within a small group. Each child receives 1-2-1 support when needed throughout the day. Each room has 5 P.C.s all installed with up to date technology which assist the children with their work. Both rooms are stocked with equipment and resources aimed at supporting the children with their dyslexia and some co-occurring conditions.
Reading Class 1 - View 2
A Typical School Day: Students are set work designed to target their individual needs. They are encouraged to work independently with close support at hand when needed. Activities are paced throughout the day and are a mixture of working at their desks balanced with working on their individual personal computer.
Assistive Technology Busy Bees!
Brain (Movement) breaks happen at regular intervals to give the children the chance to recharge and tackle each task to the best of their ability. If we work particularly hard and the weather is good we sometimes nip out for our favoured activity, a quick game of football and rounders! Our brain breaks are a mix of physical activity suited to help improve gross motor skills as well as including calming mindfulness exercises. Daily 1-2-1 reading support is also provided. The majority of our work is literacy and numeracy based. We also cover all other curricular areas.
The Best of Both!: In Holy Family we pride ourselves on giving each child the best of both; focused small group teaching with 1-2-1 support while keeping touch with a mainstream class setting. This contact is fundamental to each child’s development. Each pupil has a strong link with a mainstream class. In the afternoon, roughly three times a week, they have the opportunity to join up with them for subjects such as music, history, geography, science etc. If suitable, a child can also join up with a mainstream maths group. If not they will receive focused small group teaching within the Reading Class.

We ensure all children play a key part in the whole school community from taking part in whole school assemblies, playing on a school team, table quizzes, cake sales, talent shows, art competitions, even starring on stage for one of our famous biennial school musicals!

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School Teams: Boys – Gaelic, Hurling, Soccer & Cross Country. Girls:  Gaelic, Camogie, Soccer & Cross Country.
Other Sports: Apart from normal P.E. lessons we have many visiting professional coaches. Examples include basketball, cricket, swimming and G.A.A.
A room with a view!
A room with a view!
Both classes overlook our beautiful school gardens. Gardening is also a fun part of not only our learning but as a whole school. We are very lucky that the school site is surrounded by a lot of lush and open green spaces.
Interested in joining our Holy Family Green Fingers team?! Our dedicated members of the Parents’ Association have set up a gardening club and are always looking for helpers. Contact the school for more information.