On Thursday 19th December 2014 Children from Ms Mc Gonagles 3rd class visited the canteen in’ Squibbs ‘ Pharmaceutical ‘Watery Lane,Swords. for the staffs Annual Christmas Lunch
On the day the children entertained  the workers with Christmas carols and songs,hip hop dances,some irish dancing ,recorder playing and a little ballet.A great time was had by all.
The children each  received a lovely bag of goodies from the canteen staff in Squibbs for their efforts.
The staff and management showed their appreciation by contributing generously to the childrens chosen charity of ‘The Simon Community’.
The children decided that rather than present the charity with a cheque that they would purchase,with the help of their class teacher Ms Mc Gonagle supplies for the Simon Community Soup Runs.
So far the children have supplied the homeless with hats,scarves,gloves and socks to help them keep warm during the cold weather.
Also the children made up  bags of chocolate treats for the homeless to enjoy with their hot cups of tea supplied by the volunteers ,as they assist the homeless each evening on the soup runs.
The children also made up bags of essential  toiletries  for the women who are homeless,which hopefully with help them as they wait for more permanent accommodation.
The children received a special award from Mr.O Keeffe  for their hard work and their kindness.
The children sent cards and letters to all the staff and management in Squibbs and will always remember the great day out they all had together.
We would like to thank Ms Bricks for coming with us and being so helpful on the day.
We would like to thank all those who contributed on the day in any way, and a special word of thanks to all the volunteers,not only in the Simon Community, but in all charities, who work tirelessly with all the vunerable   people  in our society.
More Photos to follow……

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