On Friday 26th May we had a very exciting visitor to our school.   James Northridge is a very successful entrepreneur and was a winning candidate on Dragons’ Den in 2014 with his company UrAbility. UrAbility was founded by James and is run by him and his team based in DCU. UrAbility specialises in Assistive Technology that helps children and adults with learning difficulties as well as offering training courses.
James has dyslexia and he shared his amazing story on what dyslexia was like for him when he was in school and how he has managed to get to where he is today.  All the children in our school with a diagnosis of dyslexia were invited to attend the exclusive gathering in the comforts of the staff room! James shared some fun examples of Assistive Technology, answered our questions and gave us lots of useful advice. Thank you James for such a great inspiring visit!