Fr. Mackey has been our parish priest for nine years and Chairman of the Board of Management for seven years. He has been a great friend to everyone in the school and has worked tirelessly on behalf of Holy Family. He was known for his kindness, gentle nature and genuine interest in the pupils’ lives and activities. Every year he presented the outgoing 6th class pupils with a personal gift at his own expense. As chairman of the Board of Management Fr. Mackey always supported the staff and management of the school in their efforts to develop Holy Family.
Fr. Mackey is leaving River Valley to take up an appointment as an administrator of the parish of Kilcullen in County Kildare. Last week we had a special presentation for Fr. Mackey in the school hall. Children from each class presented him with cards. A presentation was also made on behalf of the parents, staff and pupils. Mr. O’ Keeffe even gave him a special ‘Priest of the Decade’ award to acknowledge his outstanding contribution to the school!
Fr. Mackey will be sorely missed by all in Holy Family and we wish him all the best in his new appointment. Kilcullen’s gain is our loss!
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