On the 1st of July 2013, the country of Croatia joined the EU and they wanted to mark the special occasion by inviting three schools along to learn more about Croatia from the Croatian Ambassador to Ireland.

HFSNS at the Croatian Embassy (click to enlarge)
HFSNS at the Croatian Embassy (click to enlarge)

They looked at many school web-sites in Dublin but really liked ours because of the stories about the Beast Finds a Lamp show and the visit of Kodaline… so Mr O’Keeffe got a phone call inviting one class from our school to attend this special day.
Mr Lynch’s class was asked to represent our school. On Tuesday 14 May we went by mini-bus to the Hilton Hotel beside the Grand Canal. The other schools at the event were Gardiner St Convent (who were an all-girls school) and a Gael-Scoil from Lucan.
When we arrived we got juice and muffins and cookies and croissants. They were delicious but we could only have one each. Then we went into a room. There were books on each chair about Croatia. The scenery was lovely. Then the Ambassador came in. Her name was Yasna (Which means Clare). She was really nice and kind. She said she likes Ireland but she doesn’t really like the cold weather.
croatian_flagShe also said that in Croatia the water is really warm at the beaches – about 20 degrees and here in Ireland it isn’t nice at all. She said the best thing about Ireland is that the people are very friendly.
A lady also gave us these Croatian Pastries, but you couldn’t eat them. They are shaped into love hearts and they are red with a bit of icing that says Zagreb (which is the capital of Croatia) on it. You can hang them around your neck. The other schools got them but there were none left for us. We got luggage tags with Croatia on them instead.
Then they collected our quiz entries and they did it in a fair way by picking two from each school. Katelyn won a goodie bag of Croatian stuff. She got some Croatian Chocolates. Joey won a One4All voucher. Then they took Photos of all the class with the ambassador and they wanted us to say Croatia but we all said cheddar Instead. Some of our photos were in the Fingal independent this week on page 1.

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