Fourth Class Work  (Rm 15)               for 30th March – 3rd April


Oral Language

Picture Project- Take a picture or draw your favourite place in your house. Write in your copy or tell someone in your family why it is your favourite place.


Lets Go Reader

  • Read Pg. 196- 202
  • Pg. 204 Qs. C, D, E.


  • Imagine you are Eily or Michael from the story, The Soup Kitchen. In your copy, write a diary entry for the day you arrived in Kineen at the soup kitchen.
  • Write a summary of the story, The Soup Kitchen. Remember a summary only includes the main points of the story.


  • Picture project- Take a picture or draw an example of a pattern you found in your house or garden.
  • Master Your Maths- Do the next week.
  • Busy At Maths-
  • Day 1- Pg.122
  • Day 2 & 3- Pg. 123
  • Day 4 & 5- Pg. 124
  • Tables- x12, divided by 12
  • Learn tables and ask someone in your family to test you
  • 5/10 minutes every day on Hit The Button tables game.

Project Work

Create a project based on the Great Irish Famine.

  • Your choice: Make a poster/ book or powerpoint project on The Great Irish Famine.
  • Small World History Book- Read Pg. 76- 82 to help you.


  • Theme- Caitheamh Aimsire (Hobbies)
  • Abair Liom Pg. 181- Write your hobbies as Gaeilge (in Irish) into your copy and draw a picture of you doing your hobbies.

Abair Liom Pg. 181- Write three sentences as Gaeilge (in Irish) about your hobbies.

IT – Scratch

  • Check out Not Just Anybody Family in the Covid-Time folder

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