Below I have added an information document about handwriting for parents. It discusses the benefits of cursive handwriting, shows the correct posture and pencil grip, provides some useful sites and the order the letters are taught in.

The Perfect Page

We are working hard in our classrooms on handwriting and also the presentation of our work. Here are some examples of how we lay out our copies in class so that we can try and use similar layouts in our homework. This example is from Irish Primary Teacher and shows us some great examples of what neat and organised pages look like.

Handwriting Glance Card

Below is a Handwriting Glance Card taken from the handwriting book that will be used in 3rd to teach cursive handwriting. The children can use this to help them practise at home. It will be included in the Homework Journal as well.

Handwriting Tips from an Occupational Therapist.

Below I’m attaching a document with some tips in terms of posture, pencil grip and handwriting in general. These were provided by an occupational therapist and may be helpful to you.