History Connections

In May, we were learning all about World War 2 and the class completed super projects on the topic. Some pupils even realised they had family connections to the war! Adam’s Great Grandad, Felix Coleman, fought in World War 2 in Africa. Felix Coleman was a commando in the Irish Army. They were a specialist unit that was often sent in first. When the bombs of Hiroshima were dropped, his unit was the first unit to go into the area. He did not fight in Europe – he fought in Africa, Japan and India. The picture of the blue book is his membership into the Commando’s Division  who met in England every year after the war until he became sick and couldn’t travel. In the picture of the troupe, Felix is the one in the second row with the curly hair and the side wards hat.

Adam also has a link to the 1916 Rising. In 1916, Adam’s Great, Great Granny, Margaret Coogan, was pregnant. When the Easter Rising happened, she was living in Moore Street. O’Rahilly, one of the Irish leaders of the rising, took a stand at the GPO. He was wounded. The rebels had built tunnels under the ground and made their way with him to Moore street. O’Rahilly collapsed in Margaret’s doorway. She came out and held him in her arms until he passed away. When Adam’s Great Grandad was born, he was named Christopher O’Rahilly Holbrook after the leader, O’Rahilly.

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