• Transition to secondary school
  • Points to remember for parents and guardians of children with dyslexia currently in mainstream


Here at Holy Family, we recognise that having a child with dyslexia and possible co-occurring difficulties is tough going. The road has many twists and turns but the future is extremely bright. Please be reassured we are here to support both you and your child every step of the way!

Transition to secondary school: If you are considering what secondary school your child should go to we recommended that you visit the potential school(s) and have a chat with the Principal explaining your child’s needs. Ask questions to make sure that if your child attends the school how will their needs be met? What resources have they? Are there facilities or subject areas available that will suit their gifts and talents? Watch out for open days in 5th class.
Extremely ImportantYou will still need to speak up for your child at secondary level.  Students with dyslexia are entitled to special accommodations in state exams once they are at a required level. Don’t assume that this will not automatically happen. Applications will need to be made well in advance, up to 12 months. Investigate to see if your child is eligible. Ensure that you have applied for and have received official confirmation that you will receive all accommodations that your child is entitled to.
There has been a lot in the news recently where parents have been forced to take court cases against the State Exams Commission (SEC) where their child has been refused their exam accommodations at Leaving Cert level. Just because you have received them at Junior Cert level does not automatically mean you will receive them when the Leaving Cert comes around. Make sure you are fully aware as to what your child can apply for and make sure you get it!
There is a section on The Dyslexia Association of Ireland’s website regarding what accommodations are available and how to apply. Click here. Listen and watch out in the media for any latest news.
Have a read of these recent articles from The Irish Times and The Irish Examiner.

Points to remember for parents and guardians of children with dyslexia currently in mainstream.

  • Maintaining positive and regular contact with your Class Teacher and any allocated Learning Support/Resource Teacher(s) and SNA(s) is essential.
  • A strong Home ? School link is crucial to your child experiencing success.
  • Make sure and follow your child’s Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) where applicable.
  • Keep your child’s recent physiological report to hand to refer back to the recommendations.
  • Did you know that the most successful vocational paths for people with dyslexia are: Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Architecture and the Arts?!
  • For more information please see the links below.

If you have a child who has been a member of the Reading Classes and has now re-joined mainstream in a full-time capacity don’t forget to keep in touch with us too!
Please visit the Reading Classes site in the About section and look out particularly for the following sections

The Reading Classes are set up for children who have severe dyslexia.