What an exciting start to the week! Over the weekend, one of our very talented classmates, Jayden, performed on ‘Ireland’s Got Talent’ with his dance group BSD! Not only that.. but they also got the Golden Buzzer!!! We are all so excited and proud of Jayden and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the live shows! Naturally, we had to celebrate with a photoshoot..


Well Christmas week is finally upon us and our class are SO excited! We’ve been very busy in the run up to our Christmas holidays trying to get our work finished whilst also having a whole lot of fun! Here is some of what we got up to…

We wrote ‘Winter Poems’ and hung them up so everyone could read. Some people even got stars for practicing cursive writing!


On Thursday, we went to the cinema to see the Grinch. After the cinema, Ms. Rose-Nel asked Santa if he would like to meet her class and of course he said yes!

On our last day of school we finished making our snow globes, had our big raffle and then we had a hot chocolate and cupcakes party!

The class have worked so hard since September, showing enthusiasm, positivity and kindness every day! I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. I can’t wait to see everyone in 2019 and hear all your news! Until then! 

Ms. Rose-Nel 


Ms. Rose-Nel had an exciting visitor today after school… Maureen!! Our class are always hearing wonderful stories about Maureen and how Abbie and her family rescued her when she was just a kitten, so Ms. Rose-Nel was VERY excited to finally meet our little celebrity!! (Can we keep her??)


Our mischievous little elf has been up to some tricks in our classroom this month and we thought we should share some of his nonsense here on our class blog! What a scallywag…


Our class have been talking a lot about how important it is for our feelings and our emotions to be as healthy as our bodies. We tried a little task called ‘A Wrinkled Heart’ where the children listened to a story about a child who was being bullied. Every time the children felt as though their feelings may have been hurt, they folded their hearts to create a crease. Here are our results:



We have been learning a lot about Ancient Rome and even created projects based on things like food, clothing, Roman baths, gladiators and so much more! Here are a few examples: