Ms. Ralph’s Class

Check out all the artwork we have been creating over the last few weeks! We are currently working on our outer space theme  – marbling planets, clay and printing!

We have been learning about air and how we need it for life. We also learned that fire uses oxygen to burn. We tested jars to find out which was the largest, by placing it over a lit tea light and seeing which flame lasted the longest!

We have been putting a lot of effort into improving our reading and reading as many books as we can. We are currently reading our class novel ‘The Moon King’ by Siobhán Parkinson. We read lots of big books as Gaeilge and worked in pairs to create our own children’s picture book as Gaeilge. We also worked as a group to use our inferring skills to figure out which teacher owned the ‘Me Tubs’ – we all managed to figure them out!!

We are currently learning about dance (creative and folk dance) in P.E. We revised the components of dance and created pair dances to perform for the class!

Ms Walsh’s class
May 2018
This month we made some musical instruments. We used recyclable materials we found at home. We have been learning all about sound in Science. Here are some of our instruments:

Ms Walsh’s class have been very busy so far this year so they are only getting around to updating their news now. This month they have been working hard on their country projects. They were really creative. Some students made 3D projects and some even made and brought in food from their country. Ms Walsh was very happy to taste all the delicious food.

They have also been creating some amazing pieces of Art. Here are just a few samples of their great work.

Mayan masks

They also had a visit from Sam Maguire in November….Ms Walsh was so happy to see Sam. It’s not often a Mayo woman gets that close to Sam.

They also did projects in October where they had to design a town plan.

Some samples of the Irish picture books they made:

Mr White’s Class
Wall of Encouragement

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