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Meet Amy, Lucy, Isabel, Aoife and Lili.

In December, these 5 amazing girls from Mr White’s class decided they wanted to raise money for sick children at Christmas.

After a bit of research they chose Laura Lynn as their chosen charity.

To raise the money, they came up with the idea of running 1km a day during their break time. They ran their socks off (sometimes very wet socks) for 2 weeks and by the end they had run a combined total of 50km! As well as that they decided to have a bake sale so we baked some cakes and buns and sold them in the school.


After setting out with a target of €50 and they raised a massive total of €520! For girls their age to be thinking of others at Christmas time was amazing and they showed unbelievable initiative, kindness and hard work in doing it! We are extremely proud of them in the school and I hope they are too and they realise just how great an achievement this is!


Pupils Teach The Teachers!

We had a busy but fantastic three sessions recently where all the teachers and S.N.A.s were invited to drop into both reading classes. The boys and girls demonstrated some of the main computer programmes we use as well as some ‘table based’ activities.
The teachers learned a lot and hope to use some of the programmes back in their own classes. We are immensely proud of all the boys and girls, especially with how confident they were at showcasing the different learning programmes available.
We even scooped up Mr O’ Keeffe’s Principal Award at our school assembly for doing such a terrific job! Have a look at some photographs.
Remember should you wish to learn more about the various programmes available and how they can be reinforced at home please do not hesitate to contact us here in school and we can arrange a pop in session in the New Year.

We visited the BT Young Scientist Exhibition!
Videos: Click on the links below.
2016 Highlights
Primary Science Fair When you are brought to the page, scroll down to view the video.
Meet Titan the robot!
BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition full site

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