There has been much recent attention drawn to the subject of the unhealthy diet of some school-going children and in particular the high levels of sugar being consumed by children, often unknown to parents. We have taken this opportunity to send some teachers on a HI course to learn the latest advice regarding healthy diet for children. We have therefore produced a revised Healthy Eating Page, click here to view it.
Below are summarised the main points:

  • Water or milk are the preferred drinks. All juices contain high levels of sugar. Fizzy and high energy drinks are not permitted.
  • Homemade sandwiches are always recommended rather than shop-produced. These have been shown to contain sauces and relishes with added sugars.
  • If you wish to include a treat, fruit is always preferred. Chocolate bars/biscuits and sweets are not permitted.

Please be aware that many products marketed as “healthy”, “natural” and “low fat” often contain large amounts of added sugar.  Examples include many yogurts (especially “corner” type), breakfast bars and yogurt drinks.
Our policy is explained further on the website where we have identified food as welcome, acceptable or not permitted.  Please have a look and discuss with your child.  We will reinforce the message at school through the SPHE program and in maths by weighing the amounts of sugar contained in certain popular foods.
In addition some classrooms have a “No nuts” rule due to the presence of children with a nut allergy.
We are sure you will agree that this is in the interests of your children’s health and look forward to seeing lunch boxes reflecting our new policy.
We will be running a ‘Lovely Lunch’ poster competition in the school over the coming weeks, check back soon to see the winners!

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