Summary of Work for Mr Lynch’s 4th Class (Week of 11th to 15th May)

This webpage will give you a one-stop over-view of the work for the week of 11th to 15th of May….

4th Class- Summary of School Closure Work  (Week 11th May – 15th May)


ENGLISH       Lets Go – Welcome to Tír na nÓg pg 222Questions B,C,D,E,F,G,IFind 10 new words from the storyCreative writing based on pictures  
IRISH     Comprehensions – listening, reading and answering questions  
MATHS       Tables – 9’s MYM (Next week)Youtube video and powerpoint about timeBAM Pg 125 – 128Time challengesExtra activities on Seesaw  
SPHE   Circle drawing  
PE       Joe wicks workouts   Soccer skills FAI  
SESE   Egg protection activity  
MUSIC/ART   Make an instrument from materials at home    
DRAMA     Make a tv advertisement/youtube video to teach people how to stay safe at this time  
RELIGION Read the powerpoint about Our Lady of FatimaPowerpoint project on three shrinesWrite a prayer to Mary  

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