Summary of Work for the Week of 15th to 19th June (Mr Lynch Rm15 4th Class)

This is a single page Summary of the Work assigned to Fourth Class (Rm15) for the week of June 15th to 19th. It also contains the link to the Holy Family SNS padlet of activities for Well-Being week (15th-19th June)

4th Class- School Closure Activities  15th to 19th  June


EnglishThe Drive in the Motor-Car Lift-Off pg 220-225 (CJ Fallons or Seesaw) Written Exercises Pg 226-227 
MathsNext Week in Master Your Maths + Weekly Test at endCapacity (Busy at Maths pg 163-167)Tables x12 and Revision 
GaeilgeLeigh sa Bhaile Lth 11 Mo Chuid Comharsan Lth 12 Scoil Faoin Tuath (CJ Fallon or Seesaw) 
SESE HistoryThe Stone Age       
SESE Nature      Pandas 
ArtOne Point Perspective Drawing   
General Knowledge And Brain Teasers      Dingbats (Sheets 10-11)Quiz of the Day (Only available on Seesaw or e-mail)