Summary of Work for Weeks of 25th May to 5th June 4th Class Room15 Mr Lynch

This is a quick one-page summary on-screen of all the key work assigned for the weeks of 25th May to 5th June

4th Class- Summary of School Closure Work  (Week 25th May – 5th June)


ENGLISH     Reading – Cosmic pg 176 – 179 (available on Seesaw/Padlet/CJ Fallon Lift Off 4th class)Activities Pg 180-181 A, B,C,D, E    
IRISH     Three Reading Comprehensions – listening, reading and answering questions from Leigh sa Bhaile (Pgs 5-7)  
MATHS       Tables – 6’s Master Your Maths (Next week)BAM Pg 139 – 146Khan Academy    
SPHE   Doodle meditation  
SESE   History – A) Caring for the Sick (Small World pg88-91) Do all Qs in A and BFlorence Nightingale read powerpointWrite a day in the life of Florence Nightingale    
Religion Read the powerpoint on Catherine McAuleyWrite about what made her an admirable person / Illustration  
PE Profile your favourite Sports person  
SESE/ General Knowledge Complete the 20 Quiz of the Day questions  

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