Summary of Work ~ Week of 22nd to 30th June (Room 15, Mr Lynch – 4th Class)

This is a one page summary of the main headings for key work assigned to Room 15, Fourth Class (Mr Lynch) for the Week of 22nd to 30th June

4th Class- School Closure Activities  22th to 30th  June

EnglishCars Lift-Off pg 228-231 (CJ Fallons or Seesaw) Written Exercises Pg 232-233 
MathsNext Week in Master Your Maths + Weekly Test at endNumber Sentences  (Busy at Maths pg 168-171) Tables x9 and Revision 
GaeilgeLeigh sa Bhaile Lth 13 Leabhar Iontach Lth 14 Lón Amy (CJ Fallon or Seesaw) 
SESE HistoryThe Native Americans Earthlink Pages 110-111 or on Seesaw         
SESE Geography      Tanzania Earthlink Pages 112-113 or on Seesaw   
ArtMaking An Indian Dreamcatche …. Only on Seesaw or in Children’s Doc via e-mail   
General Knowledge And Brain Teasers      Dingbats (Sheets 12-13)Quiz of the Day (Only available on Seesaw or e-mail) 
Virtual School TourVirtual Tour of EPIC museum on Emigration, DublinFlight from Dublin Airport to JFK, New YorkBoat-trip to Statue of Liberty & Ellis IslandStroll in Central ParkVisit to The White HouseUS-style Cooking for lunchMovie-Night in New York Theme …. All links and info only available via e-mail in Children’s Doc