Holy Family SNS is this week embarking on our ambitious ” Virtual Cycle around Ireland” Fundraising event. One of two major fundraising Events organised by our fantastic Parent’s Association, The other is our ever popular “Spring day”. The Virtual Cycle, which sees all classes involved in a major physical challenge to cycle in relays around Ireland, a total distance of 2,050 Kilometres, is a huge part of our fundraising for the year and one which has contributed handsomely to our school funds in the past.
As part of our Active Schools Week this is a major event which raises much needed additional funds for the school. These funds enable us to provide the best possible educational aids & equipment for our pupils and helps to part fund essential services like our Child & Family Counselling Service, which has proved so essential and so important to our school community over the last year and no doubt will be in much demand during the current school year.
We are hugely indebted to our Parents Association, our pupils, the parents and all who contribute to the success of this venture either by their involvement with it’s organisation & running or indeed those of you who contribute so generously by sponsoring your children or your neighbours children as they undertake this fundraising challenge. We thank you for your continuing support and dedicate ourselves to always providing your children with the best possible, academic, moral, and child friendly education possible, in a nurturing and caring environment.
Thank you in advance for your support with this event and we look forward to an even better financial and satisfying venture than last years fantastic event proved to be.
Many thanks for your continuing support.
David O’Keeffe.
Principal. HFSNS
on behalf of the Staff & BOM of Holy Family SNS.

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