Work for 4th Class Room 15 (Mr Lynch)  Weeks of 27th April to 8th May

This is a summary of the work suggested for 4th Class, Room 15 by Mr Lynch for the Weeks of 27th April to 8th May

4th Class- School Closure Work  (Week 24th April – 1st May)PADLET LINK –

ENGLISH       Lets Go – Read ‘Tyke to the rescue’
Pg 206Questions B,C,D,E,F,G,I
Letter to My 2030 self
IRISH         Aifric programme  
Ireland’s Call as Gaeilge  
Irish vocabulary games  
MATHS       Tables – 8’s
MYM (Next week)
BAM Pg 133-136
Finding how many Km from __ to _____  
Home school link picture of Maths content available in
Links to Work for Week of 27th April – 8th May webpage
My 2km Radius Distances Exercise
SPHE     Gratitude Journal
Wellbeing acrostic poem
PE       Solo challenge     Handpass   
Joe Wicks workouts   Make your own circuit  
SESE   Travel brochure on a chosen country
MUSIC   Happy by Pharrel Williams  
Lady Gaga tries out Jazz by Ellington  
ART       Positivity Art

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