The policy on days of closure pertaining to Holy Family SNS is, as follows:

  1. The broad shape of the school year is determined by the Standardised School Year, as notified from time to time by Department of Education circular(s).
  2. In June of the preceding school year, a post-holder and the Principal, in consultation with staff of both the Junior and Senior Schools, draws up a list of proposed additional closings for the forthcoming year.
  3. A calendar of planned school closings for the forthcoming year is circulated to parents/guardians in early September.
  4. Closings will also be posted on the yearly calendar on the school website.
  5. In the case of an exceptional closing, the school will endeavour to inform all parents/guardians by one of the following means:
    1. Announcement at Sunday Mass, if cause for closure occurs at the weekend.
    2. Contact parents and/or designated emergency “minders” through emergency list phone numbers.
    3. Place notices at entrance to the school.
    4. Contact parents through the school text-a-parent system, so that all parents can be quickly notified.

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